• Typishly, Native Figurines, December 2019
  • Necessary Fiction, Horns, November 2019
  • Wanderlust, When the Fountains Ran Dry, October 2019
  • Prometheus Dreaming, Mengistu’s Jacuzzi, September 2019
  • Wanderlust, Saturday Night Sushi Alla Romana, July 31, 2019
  • Solstice Magazine, Finalist: Refugee Class Party, Summer 2019
  • Long list for Stockholm Writer’s Festival 2018: The Time-Share Husband of Ngulube Road (novel seeking publication), Chapter 1
  • Honorable mention for Arch Street Press first chapter contest 2018: I Hum Delilah (novel seeking publication), Chapter 1
  • Spittoon Literary Magazine, (print), Place de L’Obélisque, Winter 2017
  • Eunoia Review, Theme for English C, 2017
  • Long list for Myslexia Children’s Fiction Award 2016: Tigerfish (novel seeking publication)
  • Fiction 365, Plot A, excerpt from The Time-Share Husband of Ngulube Road, 2015
  • Eunioa Review, Solo, excerpt from The Time-Share Husband of Ngulube Road, 2015
  • Wheelhouse Review, When the Lion Slept, 2002
  • Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, Last Call for the African Prince, 2001



Tej Rae is a feature writer for YogaLife magazine, based in Dubai. She spent 12 years writing and teaching in sub-Saharan Africa, where she helped to found Africa’s first children’s museum, ImagiNation Afrika. A former high school English teacher, her work has been published in The Washington Post and BBC Focus on Africa, among others. She has two children and travels with her husband who works for the United Nations.headshot 1